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Rotary Files

Countersink Drill 10mm
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-01-0120
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsType: CountersinkØ: 10mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED3.75 AED7.50
Countersink Drill 13mm
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-01-0121
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsType: CountersinkØ: 13mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED4.50 AED9.00
Countersink Drill 16mm
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-01-0122
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsType: CountersinkØ: 16mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED5.25 AED10.50
Countersink Drill 19mm
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-01-0123
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsType: CountersinkØ: 19mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED6.00 AED12.00
Forstner Drill 25mm
-49 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-05-0209
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsØ: 25mmShaft: 8mmLength: 90mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED14.25 AED27.83
Forstner Drill 30mm
-48 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-05-0210
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsØ: 30mmShaft: 8mmLength: 90mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED15.75 AED30.45
Forstner Drill 35mm
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-05-0211
Technical Specifications:Qty: 1pcsØ: 35mmShaft: 10mmLength: 90mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED18.00 AED35.70
Rotary File Set For Metal / Wood
-49 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-05-0225
Technical Specifications:Qty: 3pcsType: HSS MetalShaft: 6mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED24.75 AED48.30
Rotary File Set For Wood
-74 %
Brand: Ford Model: FPTA-05-0226
Technical Specifications:Qty: 3pcsType: Carbon SteelShaft: 6mmPackage: Blister Card..
AED6.75 AED25.94
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