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1.25Ton Aluminum Floor Jack
-25 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-015
Capacity: 1.25 TonMin.Height: 85mmMax.Height: 375mmN.W./G.W.:12.5/14kg..
AED708.00 AED943.95
1.5 Ton Scissor Jack
-31 %
Brand: Ford Model: FMC-F0004
Capacity: 1.5 TonMin.Height: 95mmMax.Height: 390mmN.W./G.W.:3.3/3.5kg..
AED69.00 AED99.75
1.5Ton Aluminum / Steel Floor Jack
-25 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-016
Capacity: 1.5 TonMin.Height: 85mmMax.Height: 375mmN.W./G.W.:17/18.5kg..
AED574.88 AED766.50
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-036
Technical Specifications:Capacity: 10 TonMin.Height: 230mmLift Height : 150mmAdjustable Height: 80mmN.W./G.W.:6.6/6.9kgPackage:Color Box..
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-011
Technical Specifications:Double Safety PinCapacity: 2  TonMin.Height: 278mmMax.Height: 420mmN.W./G.W.:5.5/6.2kgsPackage: Color Box..
2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
-45 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-004
Technical Specifications:Capacity: 2 TonMin.Height: 181mmLift Height : 116mmAdjustable Height: 48mmN.W./ G.W.:2.9/3.1kgPackage: BMC..
AED49.00 AED89.25
2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack
Bestseller -48 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-008
Capacity: 2 TonMin.Height: 135mmMax.Height: 330mmN.W./G.W.:8.5/9kg..
AED99.00 AED189.00
2.5 Ton Hydraulic SUV Trolley Jack
-69 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-010
Jack Capacity: 2.5 TonsMax height: 530 mm..
AED149.00 AED477.75
2.5Ton Aluminum / Steel Floor Jack
-25 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-017
Capacity: 2.5 TonMin.Height: 100mmMax.Height: 460mmN.W./G.W.:26.4/28.2kg..
AED786.75 AED1,048.95
20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
-47 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-037
Technical Specifications:Capacity: 20 TonMin.Height: 242mmLift Height : 150mmAdjustable Height: 60mmN.W./G.W.:10.8/11.2kgPackage: Color Box..
AED129.00 AED241.50
3 Ton Professional Hydraulic Garage Jack
-50 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-012
Capacity: 3 TonMin.Height: 145mmMax.Height: 500mmN.W./G.W.:37.2/39kg..
AED399.00 AED798.00
3Ton Hydraulic Garage  Jack
-48 %
Brand: Ford Model: FCA-014
Capacity: 3 tonMin.Height: 130mmMax.Height: 495mmN.W./G.W.:35.2/36.8kg..
AED399.00 AED761.25
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